Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Weekly Belly Pictures
20 weeks - 1/2 way there! I decided to include the kids in my weekly belly picture... so much more fun this way. The cutest part was that they really enjoyed it.. Kiera is ever-facinated by my growing-belly and Dylan is anxious for "g-baby" to arrive. Oh, I also cut out the morning vs. night requirement b/c there is really not much difference between the two at this point

This is my favorite one of me and K... please excuse the flab and stretchmarks (all compliments of Kiera BTW... notice how she is admiring them?)

This one is my favorite of me and the D... we both just look so happy :)

These are my favorites of me by myself.. I am not that big yet compared to my last two pregnancies and am actually still wearing regular jeans!

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