Tuesday, August 26, 2008


1 hr of solo mom time per kid per week
Dylan and Kiera both got more than an hour of kid and mom time this week - lucky kids! Kiera, unfortunately, chose to spend most of her time whining and asking to be picked up, eat, or sit in my lap... most of our alone time ended up looking something like the picture on the left. oh well - she seemed to enjoy it!

As for Dylan, well he has been such a good boy lately that we have been letting him stay up late and spend those extra moments with us. On Sunday we put Kiera down at the b-gparents and took Dylan to Starbucks, the train museum, on a train ride, and then to the candy store. Dylan thought it was just about the most awesome thing ever. Then we spent some time together riding bikes in the backyard. He is one happy little boy :)

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