Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Take a Family Camping Trip Once a Year
On Friday we took off for our 1 night family camping adventure. We weren't sure how the kids would take to camping so we thought 1 night was perfect for the 1st time (well, Dylan went we he was 2 months old, but we decided that didn't count). We headed out to New Hogan Lake which is only about an hour from our house. Jesse and Tim joined us for the trip (enticed by the 18 hole disc-golf course).

All in all the trip was a major sucess! Dylan was instantly thrilled that we were in "the wild" and wanted to hike, explore, find firewood - you name it, he tried it! Our little nervous/fearful child was no where in sight! As soon as we started setting up the tents I explained to him how we would be sleeping in them and he loved the idea! He was so pumped he even tried them out while we were still setting up.He also ate his 1st smore and crossed the street by himself for the 1st time (under watchful supervision & it being a street no one drove on!).

The only bummer was that the camera battery died the night we got there. The non-photographed festivites included, you guessed it - 18 holes of disc-golf! Me and the kids joined the "men" on the
1st 12 holes, but then decided to go explore the lake... Dylan even walked in the water all the way up to his knees... I was so proud of my boy! His social-skills and exploration have really improved since starting his new school. As we were getting ready to head out he looked at me and said, "Thanks mom for taking me camping in the wild and walking in the water with me... maybe tomorrow lets buy a boat!" Gotta love him.
You can see the entire camping adventure here on my web album

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n. said...

cute Cute and CUTE!!!!! i miss your kids!!! and kinda miss you guys too. kinda.