Thursday, August 14, 2008

#57 and #66

Get IKEA catalog and new lack table
Try 2 new non-chain restaurants per year
Yesterday was the "big ultrasound" for the baby and Ben and I both decided to take 1/2 days at work so we can enjoy the time together. For most couple the "big u/s" is such a big deal because they find out the sex of their baby. Of course, us, being us, decided not to find out. We went in just to watch the baby move and enjoy the "view" into the womb.. well it turns out we were pretty spoiled in Santa Barbara! We could hardly see what was going on... definately not the clear pictures we were used to. Oh well... baby looks well and it was still a nice experience.

I was absolutely STARVING afterwards so we treated ourselves to lunch at Paesanos a little funky "italian" place in Elk Grove (non-chain) that also has pad thai and burgers on the menu. I had the sicilian pizza and Ben had some delicious pasta. My pizza was so-so, but it was still fun to try something new.

We then made it over to IKEA where we secured a new lack table and bought a container for the kids "water play table." The only failure today was that IKEA did not have any of it's new catalogs. boo.

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