Thursday, August 14, 2008

#3 and #71

Spend 1 hour alone with Dylan per week
Attend one mom's group event per month
On Monday me and Dylan went out after dinner. Just the two of us. He was so excited to be going somewhere without daddy and without Kiera... I decided to take him to an evening playdate with my mom's group at a local park. We got there and it was a little hard for both of us.. we didn't see anyone we recognized and so we had to step out of our elements. I went up and introduced myself to the group and intoduced Dylan to the little guys.. after a few minutes of small talk some women who I knew a little better showed up and I felt more relaxed. Dylan recognized a couple of the boys and proceeded to run around like a mad-man playing chase and ball and running up and down the ramps so fast it was amazing no one was trampled. We both ended up having such a good time that we stayed out for 2 hours even though it was way past bed time for the little man. Dylan really had a great time- he made his 1st sand castle, and when we left he said to me, "Mom, I really liked those friends! Can we come see them again?" I think he enjoyed our alone time. So did I.

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