Tuesday, August 26, 2008

#9 and #62

Continue weekly date night with Ben
Get a Refresher in driving a stick
Date night with Ben is a continued success. This time we allowed Lily and Matthew to double with us and took them to a favorite place of ours - 'The Melting Pot." After a filling dinner with the Bairds and company, we still managed to find room for dessert, and not just any dessert but the king of desserts - chocolate fondue! We decided to get two different fondues - the Yin&Yang with dark and white chocolates (yumm! will def. be getting this again!) and the 'original' which includes disgusting amounts of peanut butter (I stuck with the aforementioned fondue). Everyone else claimed to be stuffed when dinner was done, but I felt like we were just beginning! I was absolutely starving! I guess that baby hunger is finally kicking in - uh oh... we'll have to see how that progresses with the belly pictures over the next few weeks.

We had borrowed Peter's little white honda so after dropping Lily off at the house Ben attempted to refresh my stick-shift memory. Let's just say the results were not pretty. After about 25 stall outs and a few trips around the complex (some successful!) we decided it was time to head home. Maybe next time I will make it out of 1st gear!

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